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BtVS/Stargate [Sep. 2nd, 2007|01:32 pm]
Crossover fanfic recs
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So great news for me! I got a new job! This one takes up less of my time, so I'll have more time to read and post. I'm setting a new goal for myself to post here more regularly. I'm going to aim for at least once a week, starting now.

The Grace of Fate by Ava
Mitchell has some rehabilitation to deal with and gets a visit from the longest living Slayer.

I love this fic! It's light hearted, sweet, and very well written. I think the author, Ava, really captured the charming side of Mitchell that we got to see a bit of in the Stargate series. The fic can be enjoyed with a minimal knowledge of both or either show. The only warning is that it is incomplete.